1. Industrial automation plants for the production of automotive batteries.

BER designs and manufactures automation systems for the production and processing of batteries for the automotive and stationary sector. BER collaborates with ORSAIEC (www.orsaiec.com) for this type of activity.

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Co-centre management plants.

BER designs and manufactures management plants for Eco-centres and Recycling Depots.

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Industrial automation plants in compliance with Industry 4.0 requirements. – Study and development of software applications on PLC and PC.

BER designs and manufactures automation systems for the milling and general industrial sector. It specifically develops electric power panels and develops supervisory control software (S.C.A.D.A.) on PC and PLC of any brand and model. Due to the experience gained in 30 years of business, BER can assist its customers from the design of the microprocessor electronic board (to make sensors or dedicated machine controls) to the interfacing of any management system to meet Industry 4.0 requirements. Basically, BER assists customers in every phase of the project, providing a complete service.

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Design and production of standard and custom equipment.

BER designs and produces weighing equipment and for general outlets on customer specifications.

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CNV02 indicator

Digital indicator for load cells with 6-wire connection, signal conditioner with analogue filter, 24-bit Sigma-Delta analogue/digital conversion with auto zero, 50 msec conversion time, digital filter.

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