Who we are

From electronic weighing to industrial automation.

BER srl is a company founded in 1990 in Vicenza that designs and manufactures electronic weighing solutions in the milling industry and for industrial automation.

Always researching new technological solutions to develop cutting edge products, BER embraces research and development as an essential driver for its production and its customers. In fact, innovation is needed by the company to increase product quality and keep prices low.


Innovate, to adapt to change.

Adapting to the demands of a global market requires doing your best to face changes with innovative solutions and quick responses, to support customers in their work with products that increase efficiency, speed up times and are an added value to production.

Weighers and other products for the milling industry.

Weighers, dispensers, humidity regulation systems and much more are designed for companies that process and treat cereals, for the production of edible flours for human and zootechnical use.
These items are a part of the company’s core business and are the result of experience, dedication and research.

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processing systems



Standard industrial control systems
and to specification


From hardware design to the management system.

In the field of industrial automation, the work of BER srl begins with the study of custom electronics and ends with the creation of an interface suitable for the management systems of customers’ companies.

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