Who we are

Electronic weighing and industrial automation, precision and future.

Since 1990, BER srl has designed and manufactured machines, plants and systems for industrial electronic weighing in the milling industry and for industrial automation. All the solutions studied, manufactured and tested in the company are the result of a lengthy experience in the cereal processing sector, in the food industry and in the world of automation dedicated to control and management systems, such as SCADA supervisory control and data acquisition.

New technologies for measuring, controlling and managing.

The experience and expertise of the staff, gained over the years due to continuous updating on new technologies and the various data collected from market demands, make BER srl a reliable partner to develop integrated industrial automation projects for small and medium-sized companies. To meet production needs and customers’ requirements, all BER items and plants can be designed and custom made.

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Weighers, dispensers and microdosers.

The company is specialised in the production of checkweighers and loss-in-weight systems, flow meters, cereal dampening systems and rolling mill automation kits: items used in the milling sector to produce feed.

Industrial automation systems and custom electronics.

In the industrial automation sector, BER srl produces systems, digital indicators, automation systems for producing batteries, SCADA software to manage plants, custom electronics and control panels. The company also develops software applications for various industries: an added value that customers can rely on to complete and update machines and plants.

Close to customers with the assistance of ever up-to-date experts.

BER provides its customers with an excellent technical assistance service, including after-sales, thanks to its in-house technical office, which carries out system design and consulting activities on an everyday basis.

Response times to requests and problem solving are fast, to guarantee customers uninterrupted production with no long waits. To be even closer to its customers, the company trains and updates its representatives in Italy and abroad.