Weight flow regulator series RPBx/DPBx

Flow Balances BER series RPB1- XX-YYY (for control) and DPB1-XX-YYY (for regulation) are using for continuous flow detecting and regulation for granular products in general (food and no food material). XX indicate the flow rate while YYY indicate the diameter of the inlet tube. All parts in contact with the product are in AISI304 (on request AISI 316). The RPB1/DPB1 detects and totals the product. DPB1 also makes adjustments, of the flow, thanks to a motorized damper. Flow detection is performed by a weighing unit with load cell. In case of wear, the flat plate is easily removable. In case of power off the damper closes immediately. It has an easy-to-use multilingual display. The standard communication is RS485 serial port optocoupled with MODBUS-RTU / ASCII protocols. As option PROFIBUS and on request ETHERNET / CAN BUS / ECC ...


Single or double screw volumetric dispenser

Screw feeding is a suitable dosing technology for powders, granules and some solid products. BER screw feeders are born from a long time experience within powder dosing. They can be very easily integrated within existing lines and allow to carry out product feeding with rapidity and precision in transforming processes like extrusion, mixing, bag/containers filling, coating etc. BER screw feeders are available in different sizes according to required feeding rate (from a few grams per minute to 8000 Kg/h) and so they act as microfeeders up to feeding screws. In order to dose your products, we can propose you both volumetric and gravimetric screw feeders for powders and granules. Our feeders can be accompanied by BER engineered and produced specific automation. Dosing a powder or granule ingredient automatically brings advantages in terms of dosing precision and productivity optimisation.
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Technical sheets

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FLOW METERS - Gravimetric

Dosing occurs through vibration. This doser is ideal for granular products and in some cases also for powder products, when it is impossible to use the screw dispenser. All parts that come into contact with the product are made of AISI 304 steel.
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